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My teacher of English

Knowledge of foreign languages nowadays helps to promote cultural, educational and technical cooperation among nations. At present English is the most important of the world’s languages. In number of speakers it ranks second. The use of English in diplomacy, commerce and science is evidence of its importance. That is why millions of people learn English as a second language. I began study English ten years ago. Thanks to my English teachers in my own opinion I have not bad commands of language nowadays. And now I want to tell you about my teachers of English. To be a teacher is very difficult.

Why so? Because a teacher should correspond with many requirements. He must be an educated person, well-read, good at listening and comprehending others, easy to deal with, tolerant to other people’s weak points, but very demanding to himself. A teacher should be high-qualified in his subject because his pupils will never forgive him negligence with it. To be a good teacher of English is very difficult but my lyceum’s English teacher Natalia Evgenivna is the best teacher. Her lessons are conducted knowledgeably and strictly. She has her own method of complex teaching. It trains our memory and thinking, it helps to know the native language better, it makes our outlook wider. Her motor is: “lets change our passive vocabulary to active”. We like to communicate with her after lessons. I think she is so unique that is why our group thinks much about our teacher.


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